“Alexandria does a great job. She is sharp about plot and characters, has a good eye for spelling and grammar, and is altogether thorough as an editor. She raises great questions and makes comments that helped me see where things weren’t working in my story. If you get a chance to work with her, she will help you make your story stronger.”
~ Jill Williamson, Christy Award-Winning, Bestselling Author

Alexandria's edits were thorough and solid. She pointed out things I never would have noticed on my own—things beta readers overlooked. Her comments helped with the book as a whole, not just line edits or development. What's more, Serenade is part of a series, and she helped make sure it was consistent with the first installment, keeping in mind details that span over both novels.
Not only did she provide helpful commentary, but she was an encouraging voice as we worked through earlier drafts. She didn't just leave critique for me to pull off on my own—she was friendly and enthusiastic, providing moral support so I didn't feel like revisions were a chore. Thanks to her, I'm happy with the end result of the book! ~ Mariella Hunt, author of The Fallen Faery Tales series