Editing Services

I offer three types of editing:

Reader’s Edit:
I go through your manuscript as a reader then send you a new document with a summary of my thoughts on your plot, characters, setting, writing style, and narrative flow. This edit does not include line-by-line critiques of punctuation, spelling, or grammar, though if I happen to notice any typos or other technical issues, I will comment on them.
Rate: $1.00/page.

Line Edit:
I read through your manuscript, making line-by-line edits of punctuation, spelling, and grammar, as well as an in-depth critique of your narrative flow (for instance, awkward sentences, excess words, and repetitive phrases). I make these corrections using track changes.
Rate: $2.00/page.

Full Edit:
I read through your manuscript first to understand your unique story, often making short notes of encouragement or asking questions as I respond to your characters through the eyes of a reader. I then begin edits, commenting on and correcting any areas that could be further developed, from plot and characters to setting and storytelling proficiency. I make these edits using track changes, notes in the margins, and a summary of my critiques in a separate document.
Rate: $2.50/page ($0.50 off Reader’s and Line Edits above!)

I also offer a free, 10-page trial edit on any of the above services, as well as other options through Editing for the Aberrant and Unorthodox.

If you’d like to get to work, just shoot me an email at editsbyalexandria@yahoo.com including the edit you are interested in, your page count, target audience, and a brief description of your project. I’ll reply within seven calendar days to let you know whether or not I can accept the project, when I should be able to begin, and how the process will work from there. Can't wait to work with you!